Genesis Church Ministries

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Teaching the younger generation to learn in Christ

The Genesis Academy Preschool Program

Genesis Academy provides half-day and full-day preschool learning experiences. The morning includes instructional time using primary BJU Press preschool material. Students work on letter and number recognition, phonics, counting, listening skills, number concepts, as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills. Singing, story time, snack time, crafts, learning centers, show and tell and games are also employed to reinforce learning and encourage the development of social skills. By the end of their K4 school year, most four year olds are able to read words, phrases, and simple sentences.

Academic Excellence, Grounded in Faith

Bible time is a very special time that helps the children apply biblical character qualities such as kindness, sharing, obedience and self-control to their everyday lives and further enhances social skills. The children have a rest time where they learn to respect the needs of others as well as get refreshed themselves.

Building Character

• Kindness
• Sharing
• Obedience
• Self-control
• Respect

Enhancing Life Skills

• Social Interaction
• Cognitive Skills
• Motor Skills
• Decision Making

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